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Hope Floats Foundation » Objectives  

1. Trust will undertake vital issues like social development, public welfare,environment, education, art, culture, poverty alleviations, social harmony,human rights, inter cultural understanding and national integration.

2. The Trust will provide education to the general public, the poor, needy,orphans, poor students from weaker communities etc., as per rules andregulations of Govt. of India, and to arrange, establish and look-after Nursery/Primary/Secondary/ Senior Secondary Schools College/Polytechnic/Management Educational Institute/ Computer Science & Engineering Institutes/Teachers Training & Specialized Studies, Medical Education & Research Institute, University etc, and to get recognition from concerned Boards or Councils, or U.G.C. etc.

3. The Trust will work on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Literacy Programmes, Non-Formal Education, Anganwadi etc., and to open, run and assist Learning Centres using Libraries and Book Banks.

4. The Trust will establish new technology, Scientific Children Hospital, Modern Medical College, Engineering College, Vocational Training College.

5. Trust can Open Schools, ITI Institute, Diploma Institute, Polytechnic & Degree College, Engineering College, Medical College, or any institution for impartin education at basic and advanced level for betterment of society.

6. The Trust can open various kinds of training courses like Teachers Training, Nurses Training and non Technical Course, Laboratory Assistant, Hospital Education Center cum Clinics, Maternity Homes, Child Care Centers.

7. The Trust can provide academic and technical resource support to educational institutions in taking up vocational and skill development programmes for neo-literates in both urban and rural areas.

8. The Trust shall serve as nodal continuing education centres and to coordinate, supervise and monitor continuing education centres/nodal centres.

9. The Trust can organise equivalency programmes through Open Learning Systems for those who are residing in far and remote areas, where substantial educational and transport facilities are found to be unavailable.

10. The Trust can undertake preparation and publication of materials including journals and other periodicals, books, souvenirs, encyclopaedia's for the diffusion and dissemination of educational objectives.

11. The Trust can provide class room coaching for preparation of pre-Engineering and pre-Medical entrances.

12. The Trust can provide correspondence coaching and study materials (postal courses) for Engineering, Medical and other professional courses entrance exams.

13. The Trust can open, run and assist Libraries and Book Banks.

14. To can undertake preparation and publication of materials including journals and other periodicals and preparation and dissemination of material for entrance exams.

15. The trust can establish/manage/administer hostel(s) and such other facilities for students and for those preparing for job competitions/taking coaching for competitive examinations.

16. The Trust will work for removal educational backwardness, and create awareness about the national ideals of JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY AND DEMOCRACY, SECULARISM and SOCIALISM.

17. The Trust can formulate and implement educational schemes and plans for the benefit of the educationally backward and weaker sections in general.

18. The Trust shall establish residential schools especially for girls in order to provide modern education to educationally backward sections, preferably in or around, urban, semi urban and rural areas.

19. The Trust shall function as a data bank on education and to establish Information and Counseling Centres, Franchise.

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